Happy Birthday, August Composers!

Did you know Leonard Bernstein’s birthday is this month? And Claude Debussy’s birthday as well? Let’s break out the cake and ice cream and celebrate a few of the classical greats! Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber, August 12, 1644 Starting off with a composer from way back in the Baroque era, Biber was considered one […]

Canine Crescendos: Classical Works Inspired by Dogs

As we power our way through the so-called dog days of summer, it seems only fitting to reflect on canine influences in classical masterpieces. After all, dogs are an important part of life for many of us today. Surely canine companions have found their way into the hearts of at least a few composers? As […]

Songs of Independence

Are you ready to celebrate? When it comes to a soundtrack for the Independence Day, we tend to rely on a few classics such as the 1812 Overture and “The Stars and Stripes Forever.” Oldies are definitely goodies, but there are other patriotic songs out there too, just waiting to hop onto your playlist. Here […]

Got That Swing?

Duke Ellington said it best: “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.” Especially if you’re looking to dance! How did it all get started? Well, it’s rooted in African-American music ensembles that incorporated interesting new rhythms, courtesy of jazz greats like Louis Armstrong and Coleman Hawkins. It didn’t really take off […]

Rave Reviews for James Harp Piano and Opera!

On Sunday, May 7, 2023, the Howard County Concert Odyssey presented James Harp – Piano and Opera at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ellicott City. This early Mother’s Day gift received rave reviews and requests for an encore performance next year. The marvelous talent of James Harp, and the voices of sopranos Colleen Daly and […]

Welcoming Diane Lichtenberger to Our Board

We are pleased to announce that music educator and soprano Diane Lichtenberger is joining the Howard County Odyssey Board of Directors for a two-year term. A graduate of the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Diane contributed to the musical education of youth in our community for more than three decades. She spent much of […]

Three Facts about Opera that Might Surprise You

Opera is fascinating but can be a bit mysterious to those who are new to it. Basically, operas tell stories through song. But what’s unique about opera singing? Well, opera singers are trained to be able to perform in large theaters, without microphones, and to be heard and understood clearly over the orchestra. Opera is […]

Ah, the Sounds of Spring!

Are you feeling the beginnings of spring fever yet? Spring will be here any day now, and it’s a season that has inspired countless artists, including composers. One spring story stands out – the Greek myth of Persephone. The story was set to music by Igor Stravinsky back in 1934 in a work called, naturally, […]

Learning to be great

Every great musician had that moment when they picked up their first instrument and thought, “Now what?” And that could happen to someone at any age, whether it’s the first instrument picked up or the latest. Getting started is the beginning of an adventure. Is it an adventure you’ve ever sought out? Well, here are […]

Mount Hebron Music Students to Perform Chamber Music

On Sunday, March 12, 2023, at 4 p.m., the Howard County Concert Odyssey will host an evening of chamber music at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ellicott City.  In keeping with the Odyssey’s mission of encouraging music students within our region, the performance will feature students from the Mount Hebron High School Department of Music […]